• Image of Gold Digger fuzz pedal w/ Gold Into Dreams Inside for download

This is a Black Light White Light 'Gold Digger' fuzz pedal containing the band's new second album 'Gold Into Dreams' for download/stream inside.

The Gold Digger fuzz pedal was designed in collaboration with pedal maker Dave Adkins/LooperStar and designers M&E to celebrate our new album 'Gold Into Dreams'.

The idea was to create a fuzz pedal that could capture the spirit of 60's bands, but also get into experimental electronic crazyiness at a flick of a switch. The basic fuzz is sculpted using the Gain and Tone controls with the Shape knob adding a more retro gated quality to sound. Engaging the Dig switch brings the Gold knob into play allowing you to go digging for sounds of oscillation, electronic bleeps and lower octave synth tones.

The pedal also includes a 3.5mm headphone style USB socket and cable to download the Black Light White Light album 'Gold Into Dreams' onto your PC or Mac. We believe this is the first Pedal / Album available ever.

The pedal is designed by M&E www.me-me-me.se

Bypass Switch - engages the Gold Digger Effect

Gain - adds gain, drive and sustain

Shape - changes the texture of the fuzz from open to more gated

Tone - bass / treble control

Level - controls overall output volume of the pedal

Dig Switch - engages the Gold features

Gold - exploring and sieving for golden nuggets of noise

Quality components

Hand wired

True bypass

9v standard power jack (no battery)

3.5mm output jack for downloading Gold Into Dream Album using supplied 3.5mm to USB cable

Length – 13 cm

Width – 10 cm

Height – 6 cm

(including jacks, knobs, feet and switches)